Welcome to Travel Companion and thank you for looking at our site.

We are a resource for you to find your next travel companion. Are you looking to go on a trip but have no one to go with you? We understand, we were in the same boat so we created this site in the hopes to match people with like travel habits together so you won’t have to go on another trip alone.

We build this site with travel in mind we have an area to find travel resources, guide books, travel clothing, language books etc as well as an area that can help you book your travel or just get some information on the area you are thinking about visiting.

We have 2 levels to join the first is the basic membership which is free it lets you search for people but it is limited. The second is the premium membership level with lets you have all the features and benefits of the site including the travel companions matching algorithm. It also gives you the piece of mind knowing that with a paid membership the people who join are like you and want to find someone to travel with and are serious. It also gives you a little more security as the real name and address are confirmed at this level.

We hope you like the site give us a comment below and let us know what you think.